Sep. 19, 2018

Download Full Movie Raja Hindustani In Hindi

Download Full Movie Raja Hindustani In Hindi ->>> DOWNLOAD

India's biggest box office hit of 1996, Raja Hindustani is a musical drama about a poor cab driver who marries a rich woman and the struggles they face after marriage.

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original title: Raja Hindustani

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,Musical,Romance

imdb: 6.9

duration: 2h 45min

tags: Simply a Lovable Film!!!

keywords: love, taxidriver, reddress, stepmother, poormanrichwoman, party, misunderstanding, marriageproblems, maritalseparation, maritalreconciliation, humiliation, highsociety, fight, drunkenness, classdiffer



































India's biggest box office hit of 1996, Raja Hindustani is a musical drama about a poor cab driver who marries a rich woman and the struggles they face after marriage. Raja is a poor man who lives in India. He meets with a very rich girl, and both fall in love with each other. The girl's name is Aarti, who lives with her step-mother, who is very cruel, father and and step-cousin, who oppose her having any contact with Raja. But Aarti is stubborn, and gets married to Raja. After their marriage, her step-mother, father and step-cousin pretend to accept them, but actually are planning to bring an end to their relationship. This film has all the usual masala elements of Bollywood - the fight scenes, the comedy etc - that we know and love AND one of the great erotic moments of Bollywood. Karisma Kapoor plays the sophisticated bombayite rich girl and Amir Khan the poor man, a taxi driver, besotted with her. They make a great pairing, Kapoor adorably cute and highly attractive (if not classically beautiful in an Aishwaira Rai sense). Khan a fresh-faced young guy and the ideal lead.

Most Bollywood movies avoid kisses or they're 'blink and you missed it'. I have watched dozens of Bollywood movies and have never seen a kiss like goes on...and on.

The first 45 or so minutes of the movie is a slow burn buildup to the kiss.

By the time the kiss comes Karisma Kapoor has teased Amir Khan almost beyond endurance with her coquettrey, in a variety of sexy outfits, like the time she goes shopping in town and changes into a red micro-mini dress and, seeing his embarrassment at not knowing where to put his eyes, teases him saying "You don't like my dress, my dress is very nice".

The kiss when it comes is incredibly long ... it times out at around two minutes!

For my money it's one of the great erotic moments in all of Bollywood. Do not get mislead by those nostalgic fans of Bollywood who refer to 90''s Bollywood as some sort of golden age. 90's Bollywood was abysmal fare and Raja Hindustani typifies how bad it was. Low budget, amateur, formulaic, melodramatic, artless, badly directed, loud, badly acted, bad writing, slapstick. It pains me to admit but RH is Best film material of 90's Bollywood, having won 9 awards for god awful acting. Johnny liver won for acting in a comic role playing the parody of a Punjabi sardar, supported by two jokers playing the parody of a gay man and a tomboy who pass of cheap slapstick as comedy. Karisma Kapoor won best actress for an extremely loud performance and awful acting. Her melodramatic scenes are loud and her attempts at looking beautiful and cute are borderline porn movie standard. There is not an ounce of subtlety or art, every actor is loud, shouts and screams. The characters are one dimensional, unrealistic and seem like they are written by a village bumkin. It's like every character is a parody, but what is sad this is not satire, it is suppose to be serious. Production values are awful, camera work is shaky, colour and print are cheap, lighting is worse than a wedding video, sound effects are poorly dubbed.

In general this is a terrible and amateur production. The only respites are Aamir Khan who is able to give life to an otherwise stupid character and the songs are melodious and iconic.

The standards of contemporary 21st century Bollywood cinema compared to 90's Bollywood is literally a quantum jump.


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