Aug. 6, 2017

Plus 2d Metal Crack Repair

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Plus 2d Metal Crack Repair


Gently pushing on the IC leg with the soldering iron to center it in the hole while "sucking" is worth bonus pointsFor the most part, the most common testing will be on "darlington" transistors (which means they are actually two transistors in one package) such as the TIP102, TIP122, TIP36 transistorsLeda clay is composed of clay- and silt-sized particles of bedrock that were finely ground by glaciers and washed into the Champlain Sea3cThe optics are powered by 12 volts, and 10 to 12 volts is a "1", and 0 to 2 volts is a "0" (the LM339 voltage comparitor interprets the voltage, and outputs a "0" or "1" to the CPU board's switch matrix.) In this case, since you're dealing with 12 volts, the CMOS setting on the probe should be usedSo break out some junk PCB boards, and let's try out the new desoldering tool


There are two types of magnifiers availableNow move the soldering iron away, and quickly position the Soldapullt perpendictular to the board, and quickly press the triggerThen there is plenty of solder present to heat up the entire solder joint and distribute the heatAyscue, Jon K(More on the CMOS setting later.) Finding Power Points for the Logic ProbeWith a little practice, the Radio Shack desoldering iron can work wellBut for pinball repair purposes, any decent brand will probably work fineWhen finished and the tool cools, remove the spring loaded solder collector tube and clean out the old solderPut the black lead of the DMM on the banded side of the diode, and the red lead on the non-banded sideThis means the ONLY connection between the traces on either side of the board is the component going through the hole! If the component isn't soldered on BOTH sides of the circuit board, there may not be continuity between the two traces 515b946325

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